Marina Runnerz Marathon

Marina Runnerz is a running group that’s going places. It began when a set of close friends and zealous runners made a mark at the Chennai Dream Runners Half Marathon in 2014. A motley group that consists of individuals from different backgrounds, age-groups and professions, Marina Runnerz is being trained by a well-qualified, professional coach along with two in-house experts. The group’s aim is clear: to train members to be gutsy long distance runners and to avoid common injuries that plague marathon runners. The raring-to-go spirit and camaraderie that prevails in the group has inspired it to come up with the motto, Run with Fun. This energy and spirit was translated in the branding of the group and its annual marathon.

The group meets every morning near the iconic lighthouse of the Chennai Marina Beach and thus the name ‘Marina Runnerz’. The lighthouse soon became synonymous with the group and we used this for their brand identity.

The third edition of the annual marathon was held on 25th February, 2018. You can find photos from the event below.

Scope of Project:
Logo and Creative Design

Marina Runnerz, Chennai, India







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