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ComVita, an Energy Dense Food (EDF) supplement has been developed by KHPT under the aegis of the KCNM (Karnataka Comprehensive Nutrition Mission) and GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) for implementation in the districts of Kalaburagi and Raichur. One of the objectives of the project is to bridge the protein calorie micro-nutrient gap among target beneficiaries. 129º was approached to develop a package design that sets benchmarks of quality through good organoleptic properties, appealing aesthetics and a powerful brand image to create client acceptability of the product.

Brand Positioning:
ComVita provides infants, children and adults with scientifically formulated, tasty, easy and healthy food supplement option than any other locally available product. ComVita has been produced following high standards of hygiene, using high quality ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers. It’s tried and tested taste conforms to the local preferences and respects the choices of every consumer.

ComVita was developed in keeping with the community preferences for an English name for the product rather than a local one. The name is a blend of modern sounding yet easily relatable term to our communities. They are able to pronounce it easily despite being non- English speaking.

The product was designed in separate packages for three segments that target the project’s beneficiary groups, which are Adults, Growing Children, and Infants and Young Children.

Visual Language:
The branding has relied on three combinations of colours for each of the segments based on the preferences that emerged from field research and other discussions with the community. ComVita’s brand character and personality can be summed up in the following words: Trustworthy, Efficient, Sensitive, Strong, Relatable, Friendly, Always Available.

Scope of Project:
Packaging Design

KHPT, Bengaluru, India









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